Friday, April 24, 2009

NST - year dos

No Star Tuesdays has entered its second year. And what a great first gathering for the new year. 30+ climbers descended on the Cresent Crack area to give a little loving to the less traveled and forgotten climbs...

little cottonwood park & ride and the new trail courtesy of the utah climbers coalition

bring on the rack of hex's - ah yaaaah - 'kutcorner 5.5'

in classic NST style, two of the founding members implement a unnecessary shoulder stand for the start of 'paraplegic ward 5.9A0'

portrait of the third founding member

rob earning his second year shirt on 'journey to the moon 5.10'

tyler looking for his bottle of ancient age on 'body english 5.9'

peace brotha - 'interplanetary voyage 5.11'

the new generation and

the old -- one big happy family - the way it should be...

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