Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slurpees and Slots

the range

the other range

waz up

peter is happy

ok, back to the mountains

and the goats

and our roadside distraction

and the creek, why is there always a creek?

and some more goodness for the post hole'n professionals

and more

and more

and finally the top

and the style'eee descent..

...well maybe.

and back to the creek

and getting rid of the creek

and some chill'axn

and some more turns on pequop summit on the drive back

and nevada, gotta love those nevada gas stations

Friday, April 24, 2009

NST - year dos

No Star Tuesdays has entered its second year. And what a great first gathering for the new year. 30+ climbers descended on the Cresent Crack area to give a little loving to the less traveled and forgotten climbs...

little cottonwood park & ride and the new trail courtesy of the utah climbers coalition

bring on the rack of hex's - ah yaaaah - 'kutcorner 5.5'

in classic NST style, two of the founding members implement a unnecessary shoulder stand for the start of 'paraplegic ward 5.9A0'

portrait of the third founding member

rob earning his second year shirt on 'journey to the moon 5.10'

tyler looking for his bottle of ancient age on 'body english 5.9'

peace brotha - 'interplanetary voyage 5.11'

the new generation and

the old -- one big happy family - the way it should be...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bringing Down the Face

A journey to Hogum Forks' Thunder Ridge, Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Good, bad. Amazing, crappy. The amount of snow in the Wasatch is incredible (upwards of 15' in the last few weeks), but the heat wave is down right miserable. I guess it is spring...

the wasatchs' coolest peak - the pfeifferhorn

let the journey begin

shredding frozen chunder

skinning up soupy chunder

the objective - the dresden face (right side of photo)

ummm, the aftermath and the 2000' feet of korn we were going to ski...

minutes pryer, looking down at 2000' of creamy korn

dropping the knee beneath the hanging doom of thunder ridge

our korn turned into bowling balls and small microwaves

inspecting the 15' high pile of madness

some lads shredding the NE couloir of lone peak

hogum's heros

cooling off the feet in little cottonwood creek

the campbell's and their pearly whites

maybe the gate buttress would have been a better option (everybody else seem to have known)...

Friday, April 17, 2009

BD slideshow 4/22

in support of kyle, i will be showing 15-20minutes of wasatch slides. psyched. should be fun. i usually start things off with a quiz - maybe for PBRs this time...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

48 hours on the San Juan

this is what this silly little blog is all about - all the stupid, idiotic, hair brain, insane adventures that i dream up. manifested below is last weekends' sufferfest - a rock climbing adventure with possibly the longest approach in the desert - 44 miles by boat...

mexican hat boat launch - 4:30am

breakfast & coffee on the river

desert big horn

time to fly home canadian goose

still have a long ways to go...

midway through a 40 mile day with little sleep

rafting with beverages = the only way to go

camp near slickhorn

our toaster oven

easter on the river

grand gulch spire

pitch 0

pitch 2 showing the awesome rock quality

pitch 2 higher up

pitch 4's cat walk traverse

the summit just before sunset

remnants of the banditos

13 more miles in the dark

good food at Valle's in mexican hat