Thursday, July 30, 2009

Surf Wyo

The Snake River near Jackson

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bay's vs. Burr's

Weekend canoe trip to Grand Teton National Park with friends & family

the launch

kaia gearing up for her first overnight canoe trip

bay's 1 - burr's 0


not much freeboard

kaia and daddy's medicine

swimming lesson's postponed due to... chocolate


can you say static?

morning fog

Monday, July 13, 2009

Man Hands

the approach

the island of Lillemola and the 300m rock pillar. man hands (our new route named after our female swedish flight attendants) takes the money line just left of center for 7 pitchs or so of up to 5.11 climbing.






one of the many clumps from cleaning p1

the no'see'ums were see'ums

24hr cragging

Vagakallen - 2am

Vagakallen - 10pm

Svolvaergeita - midnight

Henningsvaer - 2pm

Hovedveggen - 11pm

Hovedveggen - 11:30pm

Store Festvag (and a souvenir) - 3pm

Presten - noon

Paradiset - 8pm

The Stetind (National Mountain of Norway) 1391m

Stetind - 5pm


Fish = Food

old cod

new cod


not so fresh

reindeer meatballs - everyones favorite

everything tastes better with bacon flavored mayonnaise

six'er of the mack

can'd ass

puke bread

are you?

roll'n in style...