Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bringing Down the Face

A journey to Hogum Forks' Thunder Ridge, Little Cottonwood Canyon.
Good, bad. Amazing, crappy. The amount of snow in the Wasatch is incredible (upwards of 15' in the last few weeks), but the heat wave is down right miserable. I guess it is spring...

the wasatchs' coolest peak - the pfeifferhorn

let the journey begin

shredding frozen chunder

skinning up soupy chunder

the objective - the dresden face (right side of photo)

ummm, the aftermath and the 2000' feet of korn we were going to ski...

minutes pryer, looking down at 2000' of creamy korn

dropping the knee beneath the hanging doom of thunder ridge

our korn turned into bowling balls and small microwaves

inspecting the 15' high pile of madness

some lads shredding the NE couloir of lone peak

hogum's heros

cooling off the feet in little cottonwood creek

the campbell's and their pearly whites

maybe the gate buttress would have been a better option (everybody else seem to have known)...

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