Sunday, May 31, 2009


Drove out to Wyoming over the weekend to meet Mr. Fryberger and snatch a portrait for an upcoming article/interview for Urban Climber

he's super into wind turbines and believes that they will server as a symbol for our generation

and the rain, it seemed to rain everywhere on saturday

but we got lost in utah on the way and got a pitch in before getting soaked

still lost, but now at a crag where you can climb in a down pour

heller + power

power + sky

yikes! spikes!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


one stopped by the office today...

Steve 'Crusher' Bartlett - Desert Mud Aficionado

Crusher dropped by to pick up a few photos for his upcoming coffee table book about desert towers and their history. He was mostly interested in FA and FAA photos, so i had him covered on Cottontail and the Shark's Fin. Hopefully i'll sneak a few others in too. It should be out in time for the holidays. I'm a sucker for climbing lore and history - so i'm way psyched to be a part (albeit small) of this project!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life + Family

Memorial Day Weekend and my family's annual diving trip to Van Damme State Park, near Mendocino, California

california poppy

my sister-in-law showing the boys how its done

brent long and one of his vw's

my brother tony and one of the many sea caves in the area

daughter kaia sampling some of daddy's medicine

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Return to the City

City of Rocks, ID that is.

moments before the execution

old wasp house

turkey vulture, big but not as cool as a hawk

the classic 'strategic defense'

two views of 'bombs over tripoli' - 1

2 - after several attempts over several years, my good friend Ari, sending :)


something to the right of 'vice grips' that scott carson may or might not have done, it's probably at least 12+ or 13-, i'll call it 'jimmy grips' for the time being.

two views of 'beef jello' - 1


the classic 'cairo'

sending the not so easy 'roughleg'


A couple of my recent covers at your local gear shop or in your mailbox this summer...

Jason Haas of Fixed Pin Publishing and Sharpend teamed up to put out a truly spectacular book on the Flatirons

The Summer 09 Catalog (or not).
The following is an exert from the first page:
This is not a catalog. We've tried that before-many times, in fact. And no matter what we did, it left the same bland taste in our mouths. It always seemed like something that came ou of an ad agency in Chicago, not from a bunch of dirtbag ski bums in Park City. The smattering of products and staid format never felt true to our voice or to those passionate about gear and the outdoors.
So we trashed it. But rather than using a tanking economy as an excuse to bag the whole project, we switched it up and focused instead on what sets apart-you, the community....
....Call this whatever you want-a catalog, a magazine, a print-form bastard-child of a blog-we don't care. We just ask that you keep the community in mind the next time you're lost in some side canyon or hunkering down for along night in the tent. After all, we're going to need some new stories for next year. - Justin Mool (Senior Editor)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Tres Piedras

and a few of the boulders...

the warmups

the fins

getto stimulator

arrogant bastard (FA)

commitment boulders

chickenhead direct

crescent moon



the (sun)set

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Faces of Taos

an original bat cave topo

the rio grande gorge and

some of its climbing.

the kaia monster