Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Iceless in Iceland

This was a trip of firsts for me, in more ways than one...

stuck in Boston on the way out, a blessing in disguise

that's where we're heading, way up there to the arctic, should be cold right?

this was the extent of ice we found and the only pitch we did over the next 5 days. so basically, Iceland suffers from erratic ocean currents which can warm up the climate on a weekly basis, which happened to us. it got warm and all the ice fell down which meant no climbing. for the first time on any trip, i got completely skunked.

so we did some sightseeing

and lots of drinking

and more sightseeing...

the stormy northern atlantic ocean

the melting Vatnajökull glacier

the blue lagoon

Hvannadalshnukur 6,952' - icelands highest peak

nice frosted tips!

a bathroom bivy - another first!