Friday, July 23, 2010

I Failed

well, i gave the repeat a good go, but in the end i couldn't pull it off and took 2nd place at this year's 'Steep shot' photo shootout up in Squamish. Local hero Paul Bride with his banjo debauchery segment took me down. Congrats man and to Mann for taking 3rd.

brian goldstone photo

Cedar in a Cedar Tree

Wish i had a photo of someone climbing on 'Easy in a Easy Chair' but atlas, i didn't even take one bouldering photo during my 6 day stay - that's how lame i am. Anyways, it's Mountain Festival time of year and Squamish has one of the best, do yourself a favor and go next summer!

some say the crack climbing doesn't get any better...

...but the tree climbing is even better

up at the cirque of the uncrackables, i

ran into Cedar Wright one afternoon and

he was stuck in a cedar tree - how fitting - ha haaaaa!

he was making a short flick called 'Squamish in a!!!', super inspiring to see how it all came together, and you can check it out at

end of the day solo up 'March of the Kitchen Utensils'

Kruk, what can i say other than i hope Cedar makes his 'Boogie till you poop' flick available soon

best of the west - partying squamish style

Monday, July 12, 2010

Chris Chan w/ love

1.24.1979 - 7.9.2010
You will be missed by many. Chris took a fatal fall while downclimbing Eichorn Pinnacle in Yosemite.

Here are a couple memories from a February 2010 trip to the Shuangqiao Valley, China.

Friday, July 9, 2010

40,000 people

that's the rumor anyways, for the number of people that turned out in the City of Salt last night for a free Modest Mouse show in the park. it was crazy, luckily, i had a great seat.

back in '95 i lived in Washington and used to flip hamburgers with these guys at an Issaquah 'Gullivers'