Friday, May 21, 2010


lots of respect and major props on achieving the impossible - landing the current and respective covers of both mags! how he walks the line is beyond me. and he is

a photoshop master


a master of making his flashs look like natural light.


UPDATE: wow, the impossible just got impossibler: all 3 north american publications at the same time!


  1. It looks like he's using some kind of lens there, to bend the light. Unethical tactics like that should not be endorsed by the mags. They need to kick him to the curb and only use real photographs. 16mm B&W reversal.

  2. Loved his Zion shots but didn't think photoshopped? Is that the new norm?

  3. depends on what your definition of photoshop is: did he rearrange or cut and paste different a climber and sky, remove bolts, etc - no. did he use photoshop, bridge, or lightroom to saturate the colors and help balance the climber, rock, and sky - most certainly yes.

  4. Yeah Klad! To make it even crazier... Word was, he almost had UC and Deadpoint covers this month as well. Both were laid out until last minute. Somehow I snaked the UC cover and Deadpoint opted otherwise. Almost 5fecta!