Friday, December 11, 2009

What did your 4x4 do last weekend?

this is a quick visual story about the second ascent and FFA of an all clean tower (leave no trace style)... december 4th moab forcast - high of 21F, low of 13F (it was a double down coat kind of weekend)

wrangling the wood, SLut

big chris smith, trimming his wood

the anchor is ready

soda springs basin, canyonlands national park

the tower - yum kipper

the gear

the approach

remnants from past travelers

getting close

the climbing on some of these towers isn't always pretty


the summit at nightfall

warming with tea

more tea and contemplation of our sanity

ya, that's right, duct tape

ari, man'ing up, and rappelling into the blackness from the 4x4

yup, thats the anchor

on the ground. both us and the anchor. a successful ascent and descent leaving no fixed anything!

the anchor give'ath warmth


  1. Love the story through the pictures! Was the 2x4 used as a pivot arm to retrieve the "anchor" after rappelling?

  2. Dude, wicked funny site. You boys git after it hard and in superstyle. I thought our "ALL MULLET WEEKEND in YOSEMITE VALLEY" was cool, your 3PIECE ALPINE MORNING was legit. Hey, what kind of lens are you using in those woodshop photos. I have a Nikon D200.