Thursday, October 22, 2009

AAC - P2

The International Climbers' Meet and Craggin Classic - hosted by the American Alpine Club

Part 2 - The Climbs + The After Party

another north sixshooter sunrise

mantel illness

the cleaner

ruby's cafe

desert shield

the big baby, it's long...

...and you will gasp for air

swedin-ringle to...

...air swedin

and if you want to climb 'air swedin' clipping the midway anchors is not allowed



expect anything else?

flaming groovy

sports action on 'aesthetics'

and aesthetics the traditional way

black diamonds' very own 'use as is'

and you wonder why they sounded so bad....

rock on


  1. Killer shots. True Canon tilt shift?

  2. well done andy. this is one of the few times i've missed UT since coming to the PNW. hope everythings going well.

  3. I heard you used a lens or something. Is that even ethical Burr? Seriously, grow up.