Thursday, June 4, 2009

Screwed Again...

...this time by baby bjorn

so, last winter i came up with this idea and shot this image for patagonia and they were very psyched (i was very pleased with the outcome as well). it was slated to run in their early fall catalog but it just got axed. patagonia, being the business they are, have to get permission from every company which has a logo present, hence baby bjorn. it never even crossed my mind and much to patagonia's surprised too, baby bjorn denied the permission to use the photo and threatened legal action if the photo and/or like (i.e. logo photochopped out) was used. LESSON LEARNED but not without some bad words mumbled under my breath and out load...


  1. I deal with that too and it's utterly retarded on Baby Bjorn's part. Let's see...they are giving up free advertising, millions of brand impressions, a link to the core outdoor person, etc etc. Not to mention that Patagonia's core customer is probably us 30 something folks having babies. Amazing how they can be so backward thinking in this day and age.

  2. Baby Bjorn sucks! That's so lame. If we have another little one, I'll be looking for a different baby carrier.