Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Return to the City

City of Rocks, ID that is.

moments before the execution

old wasp house

turkey vulture, big but not as cool as a hawk

the classic 'strategic defense'

two views of 'bombs over tripoli' - 1

2 - after several attempts over several years, my good friend Ari, sending :)


something to the right of 'vice grips' that scott carson may or might not have done, it's probably at least 12+ or 13-, i'll call it 'jimmy grips' for the time being.

two views of 'beef jello' - 1


the classic 'cairo'

sending the not so easy 'roughleg'


  1. rad pics, was this memorial day? was it a shit show there?

  2. twas the weekend before, but still a shitshow.