Friday, January 23, 2009

South Ridge or Bust...


On a recent outing to shoot a pair of gloves for a client, Shingo and I decided to try the south ridge of Mt. Superior in the winter. Being a family man and all, coupled with deadlines, I had only one day for the shoot. and boy was it a doozy. We were greeted with limited visibility, wading through chest deep snow, and crazy corniced ridges. We made it up through the summer 'crux' just above suicide chute and called it quites on the upper technical ridge due to fading light and our noon start. After a quick rappel back down to Suicide we had our skis on. Instead of tempting fate with Suicide we dropped off the backside into the unknown. Oh man, that is a cool chute to ski, i will be back to photograph and i will be back to complete the ridge in winter...

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