Saturday, January 31, 2009

Da U.P.

aka The Upper Pennisula

What happens when an entire trip is built on one photo of one climb? What happens when this one climb is an ice climb? What happens when said climb is no where to be found? You roll with the punches.

The photo i've been dreaming about for two years:

and what we found:

Ice is a fickle beast and I know better. During our 5 days of climbing on the shores of Lake Superior near Munising, Michigan, we were experiencing what we thought were 'fat' conditions. Everything seemed to be 'in'. So to our suprise, 2 days before we left, we finally went to go climb Singing in the Rain. After the 7.5 mile approach we searched all day, looking for the climb, navigating with our crappy map. Frustated, with turned back, and noticed that the climb was right before our eyes the entire day - it just wasn't there...

All was not lost and we found some great climbs, some climbed and some not. The potential for short, hard ice routes in this area is HUGE.

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  1. Saw your Pictured Rocks photos in the Patagonia catalog so I figured I'd look you up. Very cool and unique stuff, too bad Singing in the Rain wasn't in (it has been there both times I hiked past it).