Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 years in the making

While home for a few days between two international trips, I was lucky enough to find myself slogging up the snowy road of Santaquin Canyon with two friends.

In 1985 Brian Smoot and Bill Robbins established one of the 'hardest' pitches of ice in the Salt Lake area - Angel of Fear. (I'm apprehensive about saying hardest because it seemed quite easy the day i shot it with chris, which was his 3rd ascent in 5 days). It has been rumored to have only fully formed twice since '85, with the last touchdown being 10 years ago. While I'm not sure if i believe this entirely, I do know that it is rare and hasn't been around for the last several years that i've been looking.

This also marks one of my first forays into integrating film with still imagery. While, I'm happy with the results, I still have room for major improvements and look forward to the process of this new (well already here) form of story telling and adventure capturing.

Angel of fear - Santaquin Canyon from andrew Burr on Vimeo.

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