Saturday, November 21, 2009

Run to the Hills -

- why? 'cause Iron Maiden said so, nope. because

this is the air we breath:

the onset of winter in salt lake means two things, perfect sending temps for the granites' slabbiest of routes and the dreaded inversion.

so head on up the canyons for the clean air and perfect friction


nothing but fun on arm and hammer

approaching one of the coolest pitchs in the wasatch, the 'zion curtain'

megaclassic, megahard, cymbals of the sun

cymbals is THE multipitch slab route to do.

it's desperate in many places

and even with perfect friction, you still will probably fall - many times

lovin it, high above the valley smog


  1. those guys look waaaay better doing a tension traverse than I do.
    what is that second shot of?